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A scrabble help & word finder with 32,502 scrabble words with 7 letters or less.

The probability of a scrabble word with specific set of letters, even the chance and percentage that you will have certain letters in your hand. Help find the chance of pulling out another letter is. The points for your word in a game, and other words that are worth more or less. This website is also responsive, which means, no matter what device you are using - the website will work and fit to the screen in which you are viewing with.

Because there are many variations of the game scrabble, relating to the languages and distributions - the algorithm which is able to come up with words available to you has been carefully crafted using a lot of my brain power. It's been a blast to come up with this system for you. I am working on a scrabble game, and multi-player scrabble game so you can play with your friends. I will have to place the game on another website or different location though - we don't want you to be able to cheat at scrabble by being on the same website that gives you help for the game. Defeats the purpose of playing the game. Anyways, I truly do hope you enjoy my creation.

Scrabble In Different Languages

The following languages all play scrabble. So, I've included the words and other criteria for your specific scrabble game. Right now I am only allowing the English Scrabble words to be present while I improve the other languages coming soon to the You Go™ sites. Please keep updated and check back with us often.

n/a = not available

  • Afrikaans (n/a)
  • Arabic (n/a)
  • Bulgarian (n/a)
  • Catalan (n/a)
  • Croatian (n/a)
  • Czech (n/a)
  • Danish (n/a)
  • Dutch (n/a)
  • English (Green Check - Scrabble Language)
  • Finnish (n/a)
  • French (n/a)
  • German (n/a)
  • Greek (n/a)
  • Hebrew (n/a)
  • Hungarian (n/a)
  • Icelandic (n/a)
  • Italian (n/a)
  • Malaysian (n/a)
  • Norwegian (n/a)
  • Polish (n/a)
  • Portuguese (n/a)
  • Romanian (n/a)
  • Russian (n/a)
  • Slovenian (n/a)
  • Slovak (n/a)
  • Spanish (n/a)
  • Swedish (n/a)
  • Turkish (n/a)

Other services I am working on for this website include:

  1. Open source scrabble game.
  2. Facebook games
  3. Google+ scrabble
  4. Twitter scrabble
  5. Social networking game coming soon!

To put your name in scrabble letters, please favourite this website and come back soon. Names in scrabble letters are on their way. I promise!

What is the probability of pulling the, the letter, or set of letters in a game? Every word on You Go Scrabble! provides the probability and other math for your scrabble curiosity. All number data on this website, provided by You Go Numbers!. All words on this website, are provided by You Go Words!.

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