About Us

A scrabble help & word finder with 32,502 scrabble words with 7 letters or less.

About Me

My name is James Cordeiro. I'm the developer with You Go Media, a small one man search and web firm. I developed a project called You Go Rhymes! in 2010, which has resulted in You Go Scrabble! coming to be here today. While developing the You Go Rhymes project, I noticed an abundance of scrabble related traffic. I have started to slowly move all scrabble visitors over to You Go Scrabble! for a one stop place. I don't want to mix rhyming information with scrabble data - thus, you find yourself here.

What Will You Go Scrabble! Become?

In the plans is a complete iOS, Android and Tablet scrabble game with all scrabble languages available to you. For more information on the languages of scrabble, simple view the main page.

Other Projects

More information coming soon with regards to both scrabble and this website.

What is the probability of pulling the, the letter, or set of letters in a game? Every word on You Go Scrabble! provides the probability and other math for your scrabble curiosity. All number data on this website, provided by You Go Numbers!. All words on this website, are provided by You Go Words!.

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