Scrabbamble - An Addicting Scrabble Like Game

A scrabble help & word finder with 32,502 scrabble words with 7 letters or less.

Time Limit

Remaining Value

Level 1 Progress
Level Up:( 0/300 )

Scrabbamble Is Going Through Changes!

This game is going through an abundance of updates! Check back often.

What is the probability of pulling the, the letter, or set of letters in a game? Every word on You Go Scrabble! provides the probability and other math for your scrabble curiosity. All number data on this website, provided by You Go Numbers!. All words on this website, are provided by You Go Words!.


Points and tokens are earned with each puzzle solved. You can search for answers anywhere on the web, or this website. Attempted cheating with bots or other manual cheating will have all levels and points accrued removed. Some answers are acroynms or names.. Good Luck!

How To Get Points

Surprises start at level 3. With each increased level, be prepared for longer and harder words, time limits, and fun surprises.

  • Gain Points (+)
    • Puzzles vary in value.
    • 5 Answer Streak: 100 points
    • 10 Answers Streak: 500 points
    • 20 Answers Streak: 1,000 points
    • 50 Answers Streak: 5,000 points
    • Puzzles solved in 15 seconds or less. +50% bonus
    • Puzzles solved within 20 seconds. 10% bonus
  • Lose Points (-)
    • Wrong answer: -10 points or 20% of puzzle value. Whichever is greater
    • Time limit points.
    • Click give Up (*Gives Hint): -15 points of puzzle value
    • Skip and click next. Level 3-6, -10 points, levels 7+, -25 points.
    • Scramble: -1 point from puzzle
    • Run out of points (Levels 3-6): -20 points
    • Run out of points (Level 7+): -50 points
    • Autoscramble every 10 seconds: -5 or -5% of puzzle
    • Top Player (#1 Globally): -1 point of puzzle value each second
    • H@k0r$ & Cheaters: You will lose all levels, points, coins, and bonus amounts on detected cheating.